DCM 6.1 Collection Agency Management System (CA) is a Full-featured software that handles every aspect of debt collection business management and debt collection agency operation. It is a must-have for debt collection agencies who intends to improve their business operations.

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DCM 4.1 Professional Edition is a Fully Integrated Financial Accounting System for Law Firms. It helps law firms manage their clients account funds, office account expenses and Professional Fees retrieval. You will no longer need to worry about records not updated or bogged-down with accounting paper work and you will also know the up-to-date financial status of your firm. Take your step now to finding out the solution that you have been waiting for.

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DCM 4.1 Business Edition (New)
DCM 6.1 Collection Agency Management System

DCM 4.1 Professional Edition

Debt Collection Management
SMF 3.0 Share Margin Financing System

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In this discussion, we touch on situations leading people to having this mindset of “Aimless at Work”. We all know that human nature is such that we easily get bored doing the same thing day in day out. Is this the reason for having such mindset? What then could be done to avoid this? Find out the details in our discussion.

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