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Quantum Generations (QG) started business almost 10 years ago with the objective of providing standard software solutions to companies of various industries. The first breakthrough in achieving the objective was with the release of Debt Collection Management 3.0. The software is targeted at computerizing the operation of credit control department or debt collection activities for all companies. With the wide-spread acceptance and support of this product from all over the world, Debt Collection Management has since been upgraded to the latest version 3.5.

The success of Debt Collection Management 3.5 brought about the innovation and development of two other applications: DCM Professional Edition (PE) and DCM Collection Agency Management System (CA).

DCM PE is a complete financial solution for law firms. The primary design of DCM PE is to fully integrate the entire law firms’ financial accounts and present a more accurate financial status for law firms. DCM PE has been widely implemented in over two hundred law firms within a short span of slightly over 3 years. The year 2004 marks an important milestone for DCM PE as QG released the first upgrade version 4.1. The sale of the latest version has reached beyond its original projected sale and continues to rise rapidly.

In the same year, QG also released DCM CA, a featured-packed software that handles every aspect of debt collection business management and debt collection agency operation. DCM CA has achieved what many software solutions for debt collection agency has not because the features cater not only for the operation and control of debt collection activities, they also cater for the back-office aspect of tracking agency fees, commissions due and financial accounting. These important features have received wide support from many debt collection agencies around the world which has led to the upgrade of version 6.1 in 2005.

In the banking sector, QG has released a standard product, SMF Share Margin Financing System. SMF has been operating in one of the local prime banks for the last 5 years. SMF is a specialized software for banks that calculates margin financing granted to clients and monitors each client’s financial position based on share prices, ratio and collateral level. Developed using the component-based N-Tier Distributed Component Architecture, SMF is able to be deployed and connected anywhere without boundaries via Virtual Private Network (VPN) or virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs). Since its first release, it has been upgraded constantly and now stands at version 3.0.

Our latest product to be released to the market is DCM Business Edition (BE). This product is targeted at helping mid-sized businesses achieve maximum growth with minimum investment. DCM BE comes with latest in-demand features to help businesses manage their business in a manner that promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction, internal departmental harmony, healthy cash-flow, the ability for sales forecasting and improved operation of their business in entirety. The highlight of this product is the full integration of financial feature and customer relationship management system in one product, which is the most sort-after feature but often neglected or unavailable in other systems.

The constant feedback from clients all over the world on the DCM line of products and SMF is that the software have revolutionized the operation of businesses with its easy Single-Entry-Multiple-Update and Online-Data-Drilldown type of design. With this feature, QG has successfully brought about higher efficiency level for businesses leaving people to concentrate on their work and not be disrupted by inadequate and cumbersome systems.

QG also emphasizes the after sale customer support services by offering support to their customers using the latest and cutting-edge technology - Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Remote Help Desk Program.

The main contributing factor leading to the development of DCM line of products and SMF is the engineering excellence, technologically advanced set up and the strict policies that promote specialization in every department. QG is also complemented by many committed, dedicated and responsible key personnel in the company working towards achieving the main objective to provide standard solutions to companies of various industries.

As a summary, QG Software Products are divided into Four (4) market sectors:

Banking - SMF Share Margin Financing Software
Law firm and professional services - DCM PE
Collection agencies - DCM CA
General businesses - DCM BE