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DCM 4.1 Business Edition (New!)
DCM 4.1 Business Edition (BE) is a fully integrated financial and customer relationship management solution for medium-sized businesses. With modules for sales, marketing, credit control and finance, DCM 4.1 BE delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business processes, enables closer relationships with customers, and helps your company achieve new levels of profitability.

DCM 6.1 Collection Agency Management System
DCM 6.1 Collection Agency Management System (CA) is a Full-featured software that handles every aspect of debt collection business management and debt collection agency operation. DCM 6.1 CA is a must-have for all debt collection agencies and businesses.

With DCM 6.1 CA, you no longer have to worry about the number of debtors your agency can handle or the number of collectors to manage. The advanced and detailed reporting in DCM 6.1 CA will allow you to feel the pulse of your business. Clients will be impressed with the speed and efficiency of your agencies resulting in more businesses coming your way!

DCM 4.1 Professional Edition
DCM 4.1 PE (Professional Edition) is an application that is specifically designed to ease the task of operating a law firm and at the same time maintain proper control in the financial aspect of the business.

DCM 4.1 PE also comes complete with Accounting module and is fully integrated and specifically developed for law firms.

Debt Collection Management
Debt Collection Management is a COMPLETE BILLING SYSTEM with the features of auto-reminder of debts due and up-to-date of customers’ balance without the complications and restrictions of an accounting system.


SMF 3.0 Share Margin Financing System

SMF 3.0 is a specialized software that calculates margin financing granted to clients and monitors each client’s financial position based on share prices, ratio and collateral level.