Rules & Regulations for placing Advertising Banners or links at our site.

Rights reserved to Quantum Generations
Quantum Generations reserves the right to -

  • Reject, refuse and/or ignore any request for placing of advertising banners at our site for any reason     whatsoever.
  • Decide the web page or web pages in our site to place the advertising banners of other sites.
  • Replace and/or remove any advertising banner from our site at any time without rendering any notice to     the owner of such banner.
  • Charge a fee of US$10.00 per advertising banner for a period of 1 month.
  • Waive the charges above in the event that the request to place such advertising banners was as a result     of some exchange program that both the owner and Quantum Generations are a member of.

Advertising Banner Sizes
All advertising banners submitted to our site must comply with any one of the sizes listed below. Failure to do so will render such advertising banners be rejected from placing at our site.

Dimensions (pixel)
468 x 60
Full Banner
392 x 72
Full Banner with Vertical Navigation Bar
234 x 60
Half Banner
125 x 125
Square Button
88 x 31
Micro Button
120 x 90
Button 1
120 x 60
Button 2
120 x 240
Vertical Banner

Time period for approval
Any submission of advertising banners to be placed at our site will be approved within 48 hours provided that they have complied with all of our rules and regulations stipulated hereinabove.

Warranties of the Owner of Advertising Banner
By submitting the advertising banner to our site, the owner has declared that they are the rightful owner of such banners and its contents.

Quantum Generations shall presume that all advertising banners, its contents, information and copyright shall rightfully belong to the owner of such banners.

Disclaimer Clause
Quantum Generations shall not bear any responsibility for any infringement or breach of copyright or any other right by the owner of any advertising banner. Quantum Generations shall not be held liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, costs, expenses, damages, penalties, fines, proceedings and actions resulting from such breach or infringement by the owner of such advertising banner.

The owner of the advertising banner hereby undertakes and covenants with Quantum Generations that forthwith from the date hereof the owner shall keep Quantum Generations indemnified and save them harmless against and in respect of all actions proceedings losses damages penalties fines costs charges and expenses arising or resulting from their advertising banners breaching or infringing any copyright or any other right.

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