Quantum Generations Reseller Program  

Welcome to our Reseller Program!  Thank you for showing interest to be our Reseller.  

If you still have doubts in signing-up as our Reseller, go through the questions below.  At the end of it, you will be convinced that you have chosen the right Reseller Program to sign-up for.

For a list of our existing resellers click here.

What benefits do I gain as a Reseller?

Listed below are a few of the benefits that might interest you:-  

  • High margin and easy to sell.
  • Easy to implement and support.  You could refer your customers to our online Tech Support.
  • You will be dealing with a software engineering company, expert in the area of software development.  We are commited to provide 100% total support to you when required.
  • No need to keep stock
  • Only purchase Licensed Product ID from us when your customer pays you.  Therefore, you will immediately receive your margin upon payment by your customers.  

What is the difference between becoming Reseller for our software and any other software?

Below are some simple comparisons to show to you the difference:-  

  • As we have in-depth knowledge in software development, you are assured that you are dealing with the expert
  • As reseller of other software, you might need to purchase the software first before you are able to install it at your customer site.  

As a Reseller, all you need to do to provide your customer with insights of the workings of the software is to firstly install the Evaluation version (either in CD form or downloaded from our website) at your customer site. Then, when your customer likes the software and pays you, by paying us the standard reseller price and getting your margin immediately, we will provide you with the Licensed Product ID. You can then provide your customer with the Licensed Product ID and your customer will be able to continue using the product as a fully functional product!

You can freely distribute the Evaluation version of our products. With a product that is loaded with great features and competitive in price, you are already equipped with the best tool to be a reseller. Selling will not get any easier than this!  

Do I get any added value as Reseller?

As Reseller, you will be provided with added values like:-  

  • Online Technical Support from us.
  • First-hand information regarding any technical issues faced either by other Resellers or customers.  This will help you provide more assistance to your customers.
  • We take all feedbacks from Resellers seriously. We believe that your feedbacks provide us the basis to further improve our products.
  • As Reseller, you may be able to fulfil all your customer’s requirements. This is so especially if they require any customised solution. Instead of facing the problem of finding the right software developer or losing the customer altogether, Quantum Generations Sdn Bhd can provide you with such solutions. (For more information, refer to: http://www.quantumgen.com/products/products.htm)    

Now, you know you have come to the right place to be a Reseller.  So, sign-up now by filling the Reseller Registration Form and start selling today!

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