Aimless at Work

Published Date: 16th July 2001  

From the past to the present and most likely to the future, there is a common phenomenon in the working society i.e. employees joining new companies and employees leaving their existing companies to another organization.  

One might wonder: Why is this the case? If you are satisfied and happy working at your current company, then why change jobs? Could the reason be looking for better prospects?  

The list of reasons could go on and on.  What could be the most probable reason of all is “Aimless at Work”.  Before we dwell on this topic, let’s take a step back and think for a minute what was the true reason we choose the job we are in right now.  There are so many different types of profession, job opportunities in a variety of fields, so why choose the field that we are currently in?  

Even though most of us do not want to admit it, we choose the job that we are in right now because we believe that this is what we do best and we want to give this field a go.  

So then what leads to this mindset of “Aimless at Work”? Below could be some of the situations that may lead one to have this mindset.  

The effect of having employees with such mindset of “Aimless at Work” could lead to higher staff turnover, a rise in unemployment rate and low productivity.

 The problem of “Aimless at Work” could be quite serious if not properly taken care of since we can all only excel if properly motivated.  The society can only improve if everyone is motivated to work towards improving it.  

So, if you are feeling “Aimless at Work” right now, it could only mean that you are not satisfied with something within your organization or your job altogether.  It would be for your well being to find the solutions today!  

We welcome any views or opinions you may have.  Just reply to this mail address: and let’s find out what are the general responses to this issue.

Resistance Change
Published Date: 27th June 2001

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