DCM 4.1 Professional Edition (PE)

What is DCM 4.1 PE?

What are the common problems faced and the solutions required by law firms?

What are the modules in DCM 4.1 PE? 

How does DCM 4.1 PE benefit law firms?

List of Reports in DCM 4.1 PE

What are the system requirements and network capabilities?


What is DCM 4.1 PE?

DCM 4.1 Professional Edition is a Fully Integrated Financial Accounting System for Law Firms. It helps law firms manage their clients account funds, office account expenses and Professional Fees retrieval. In most professional services firms, maintaining client database is crucial for the proper running and expansion of the business. DCM 4.1 PE is built-in with such feature to maintain the vast variety of clientele and at the same time handles the financial aspect of the business.

Developed using the latest Microsoft Technology, DCM 4.1 PE is stable, reliable and fully compatible with other Microsoft Office products.  

So, if you are looking for a complete financial system to manage both client's funds and office financial matters, DCM 4.1 PE is the perfect solution for you!

What are the common problems faced and the solutions required by law firms?

In most law firms, it is not easy to find an accounting system that suits their requirements. This is due to the unique nature of the business. Perhaps because of this, the general accounting system is usually inadequate in fulfilling the requirements.

In this section, we will present you the most common problems faced in operating this business and the solutions required:

Common Problems Solutions Required

Fulfilled in 
DCM 4.1 PE

Have to improvise on the general accounting system to suit business practices  Complete accounting system to suit business practices of law firms


Crucial data related to business cannot be stored in one central system All financial data and clientele are stored in one central system


Difficult to separate business funds from that of clients' funds in bank accounts Funds belonging to clients and firm's funds are separately tracked in the system


Unknown or inaccurate actual total funds for each client  All funds received for each client will be updated in relevant client's file


Manual tracking of advance disbursements incurred on behalf of clients Automatic tracking of advance disbursements incurred for each client till the point of receiving full payment from client


Difficult to understand general accounting system as it is designed for user with accounting knowledge System designed to be simple and operated by general users


Engage external accountant thereby increasing cost System able to generate accounting entries in general ledger automatically when dealing with transaction of funds


Semi-manual system used to generate necessary reporting All necessary reporting to be generated from one system


Solutions available in the market are overpriced Reasonably and affordably priced


Solutions available in the market are complicated and difficult to use  User-friendly and simple one-step approach entry


Solutions available in the market are rigid in design Features in the system are flexible for user to set in accordance with their preference


What are the modules in DCM 4.1 PE? 

There are 14 fully integrated modules in DCM 4.1 PE:

  • Client’s Account (Accounts Receivable)
  • Disbursement Management
  • Reimbursement Funds Management
  • Professional Fees Management
  • Investment Funds Management
  • Banking - with Bank Reconciliation feature
  • Payee (Accounts Payable)
  • General Ledger - Full Accounting feature
  • Document Management
  • Debt Collection Management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Mail Merge with Microsoft Word
  • Reporting
  • Security

DCM 4.1 PE consists of specific core modules that fulfils the common requirements of law firms. The modules and their functionalities are as outlined in the table below.

Modules related to Clients:

Modules  Functionalities Description of Features
Client's Account Client Database
  • Maintain comprehensive client information.
  • Organizing of clients' files under different groups or classifications.
  • Easy and advance searching function to locate clients' files.
  • Assigning of clients' files to different personnel of the firm.
  • Tracking status of the client's file.
Client Funds
  • Up-to-date balance of deposit/advance payments available for each client’s file.
  • Deposit  and payment tracking.
  • Tracking of all outstanding invoices due from each client.
  • Supports multi-currency.
  • Receipts from clients are automatically updated in bank.
  • Online updates of client’s account aging.
  • Supports client receipts printing.
  • Supports transfer of funds from file to file.
  • Invoice number is automatically generated.
  • No duplication of invoice number.
  • Itemized billing.
  • Easy and straightforward steps to generate invoices.
  • Special invoice printout format for professional services firms.
  • Automatic link with Disbursement Management module for billing clients on advance disbursement.
  • Supports multi-currency invoice printout.
  • Automatic calculation of service tax.
  • Automatic update of client’s account after posting of invoices.
  • Supports un-posting of invoices for error-correction purposes.
Investment Funds Management Client Investment
  • Supports multiple investments in multiple banks related to each client's file.
  • Automatic tracking of maturity date for investment.
  • Automatic update of balances in clients' file.
  • Automatic link with banking module for movement of funds.
  • Interest/income earned from investment automatic update in bank.

Modules related to handling of financial matters in the firm:

Modules  Functionalities Description of Features
Banking Funds in bank
  • Supports multiple banks.
  • Supports multiple bank accounts maintained within a single bank.
  • Automatic update of bank balances.
  • Easy-to-use bank reconciliation.
  • Online up-to-date bank balances.
  • Supports inter-account transfers and manual adjustments.
Professional Fees Management Tracking of professional fees in bank
  • Professional fees automatically tracked when receipt of payment for invoice.
  • Automatic link with banking module.
  • Handles transfer of funds between banks.
  • Automatic update of balances in clients' file.
  • Flexible transfer amounts set according to preferences.
Disbursement Management Tracking of outstanding disbursement/expenditure made on behalf of clients.
  • Automatic link to client invoicing.
  • Automatic prompting when invoicing client.
  • Tracking applicable for each client's file.
Reimbursement Funds Management Tracking of funds received from client for settlement of advance disbursement.
  • Funds for settlement of advance disbursement are automatically tracked here.
  • Flexible transfer amounts set according to preferences.
  • Automatic link with banking module.
  • Handles transfer of funds between banks.
  • Automatic update in Disbursement Management module.
Payee Handles all payables due 
  • Maintain outstanding payables to creditors.
  • Prepare payments function allows user to select the payables and the amount to pay.
  • Checks and payment voucher printing.
  • All payments are updated in related bank accounts automatically.
  • Online updates of payee’s account aging.
  • Tracking of expenses incurred.
General Ledger Full Accounting feature
  • Automatic journal posting from other modules.
  • Supports manual journal adjustments.
  • Supports open financial periods maintained for an unlimited number of years.
  • Financial statements reporting.
  • Easy to setup chart of accounts.
  • Displays a list of all related journal entries for a selected journal entry.
  • Automatic journal reversal if a transaction is deleted in other modules.
  • Full set of financial reports: Trial Balance, P&L (Income statement), Balance Sheet.

Modules related to operational matters in the firm:

Modules  Functionalities Description of Features
Debt Collection Management Tracking of problematic clients' accounts
  • All outstanding clients' accounts are automatically listed.
  • All clients' accounts with problems are automatically listed.
  • All collection activities are separately tracked for each client's account.
  • Maintain all collection activities record with each client.
  • Set reminder for follow-up calls with each client.
  • Maintain records of special arrangements with each client.
Mail Merge with Microsoft Word  Standard letters with merged clients' and aging data
  • Easy-to-use steps to send standard letters or reminder notices to each  client's account using Microsoft Word.
Document Management Organize standard documents used in business
  • Flexible subject ids can be created to organize documents.
  • Automatic link to folder destination of each document.
  • Automatic link to each client's file.
Task Scheduler Organize tasks 
  • Set reminder for tasks to be carried out.
  • Automatic prompting when task is due.

How does DCM 4.1 PE benefit law firms?

Below are the benefits that DCM 4.1 PE offers to all law firms:

Benefits Details of Benefits & Features
Value DCM 4.1 PE delivers a comprehensive set of solutions for the entire business needs with the best cost-to benefits ratio in its market category.
Proven Microsoft Technology DCM 4.1 PE uses 100% Microsoft technology, including seamless integration with Microsoft Office products.
Scalability With network ready capability, you will be able to expand from single workstation to multi-user in a local area network by just adding user licenses without the need to change the software.
Complete System With a complete system, all essential data relating to your business is accessible instantaneously.
Maintain Cash Flow With all data and information up-to-date, maintaining cash flow and projecting cash forecast will be easy.
Advanced Reporting With advanced reporting DCM 4.1 PE will present the true picture of the efficiency level and financial position of the business.
Specialized Modules DCM 4.1 PE is packed with specialized modules made for all professional services firms.
Complete Security System Easy steps to maintain privacy and integrity of data.
Accurate tracking of client's funds Accurate and up-to-date information on the total funds available for each client's account at all times.
Organized client database Organized and useful methods of categorizing clients.

List of Reports in DCM 4.1 PE

Listed below are some of the key reports:

  • Client Funds Trial Balance Report

The trial balance report shows that the amount is balanced for both clients' funds and bank balances. This is useful for auditing purposes. It also shows that all funds related to clients are fully accountable.

  • Billing Analysis Report

All billings issued by different personnel are tracked.  This report also presents the number of bills generated by each personnel in pie chart. 

  • Invoice Transaction Report

This report shows the listing of posted or un-posted invoices.  Several selection options to generate this report are provided.

  • Service Tax Analysis Report

All service taxes collected and collectable are shown in this report.

  • Client's Account Master List

This is a listing of all the client's account.  Several selection options to generate this report are provided. This report is useful for strategizing on future sales activities.

  • Account Aging Chart

This report presents the total aging for all outstanding invoices in bar chart form.

  • Call Log Report

All notes recorded on the debt collection activities are shown in this report.

What are the system requirements and network capabilities?

DCM 4.1 PE supports single user and multi-user in a local area network. These are the system requirements for both workstation and server to use DCM 4.1 PE in a local area network.

  Requirement Recommended
Hardware - Workstation
Processor Intel Celeron or Pentium III 600MHz Intel Pentium III 700MHz or better
Memory 128MB RAM 256 MB RAM or more
Hard Disk 10GB or more 10GB or more
Hardware - Dedicated Server
Processor Pentium III 600MHz Pentium III 700MHz or better
Memory 256MB RAM 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk 10GB or more 10GB or more
Software - Workstation
Application MS Access Version - 2000, 2002 or 2003 Full version or run-time (Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003 Professional).
Applicable Operating System Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation or Server), Windows 2000 (Professional or Server), Windows ME, Windows XP (Professional)
Software - Dedicated Server
Applicable Operating System Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003

Conclusion: DCM 4.1 Professional Edition is a Fully Integrated Financial Accounting System For Law Firms made easy!

If you would like to know more about DCM 4.1 PE or have any inquiries, please e-mail to us at dcm41pe@quantumgen.com or call us at 6-03-7958-6612 or fax to us at 6-03-7954-9064.

Download Trial Software

  • The trial software for DCM 4.1 PE provides you with the tools and information you need to evaluate whether DCM 4.1 PE is the right solution for your business.

  • This is a 30-day fully-functional version of DCM 4.1 PE which comes complete with help function and you will require Microsoft Access 2000/2002/2003 to run it.

  • With a valid Product Activation code, the trial version will become a licensed copy of DCM 4.1 PE.

  • Click here to download DCM 4.1 PE .

Ordering Information

  • DCM 4.1 PE licensing is per PC. Each PC requires a separate Product Activation Code.

  • Orders placed using the following credit cards will be accepted: MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. Credit card information is encrypted and transmitted over a secure Web connection.

  • Other payment methods available are: CHECK by US or UK checks or International Money Orders, PAYPAL, PRO-FORMA INVOICE by CHECK or WIRE, CREDIT CARD by FAX and CREDIT CARD by PHONE.



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