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DCM 4.1 Business Edition Maximises Business Growth With Minimum Investment.
The fully integrated financial and customer relationship management solution for medium–sized businesses



Product Overview

In today’s complex business world, competitive advantage is harder to achieve – and even more difficult to maintain – than it has ever been before. Success ultimately depends on whether your organization can respond with speed, knowledge, and confidence to the ever-shifting needs of your customers and the ever-changing strategies of your business competitors.

DCM 4.1 Business Edition (BE) is a fully integrated financial and customer relationship management solution for medium-sized businesses. With modules for sales, marketing, credit control and finance, DCM 4.1 BE delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business processes, enables closer relationships with customers, and helps your company achieve new levels of profitability.

Key features at a glance.

¨ Support Multi-Company

¨ Support Multi-Currencies

¨ Support Multi-Location

¨ Support Lot Number

¨ Support Item Kitting

¨ Five (5) costing methods : Standard, Average, FIFO, LIFO and Lot Cost

¨ Serialized Item

¨ Multi-level commission rates by product groups

¨ Stock item pricing by quantity and/or date range

¨ Post Dated Checks tracking

¨ Auto-matching Post Dated Checks

¨ Simple and wizard-driven screen for easy operation

¨ Innovative “single-entry-multiple-update” design 

¨ Advanced sales analysis tool

¨ Call log tracking

¨ Quick and easy database upgrade wizard

¨ Flexible Licensing Packages and Upgrades

¨ Dual level security features

¨ Built on scalable and secure Microsoft Windows platform and leverages on standard

      Microsoft tools and technology


Key Benefits of DCM 4.1 BE

? Spend less time searching for customer data

? Spend more time on sales

? Close sale faster

? Generate and qualify more leads

? Increase customer satisfaction and retention

? Boost business revenue

? Promote customer loyalty and satisfaction

? Internal departmental harmony

? Healthy cash-flow

? Ability for sales forecasting

? Improved operation of business in entirety



Real-World Technology for Real-World Business


As a medium-sized business, you have limited time and resources to get the job done and keep your business running. DCM 4.1 BE delivers features that cover the entire operation of your business thereby simplifying your daily activities while saving you time and money.


DCM 4.1 BE comes with nineteen(19) fully integrated modules.


¨ General Ledger with full Accounting feature

¨ Accounts Receivable with Invoicing feature

¨ Accounts Payable with print Voucher and Checks feature

¨ Sales Ordering

¨ Purchase Ordering

¨ Inventory

¨ Banking with Bank Reconciliation feature

¨ Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

¨ Sales Commission

¨ Advance Disbursement Management

¨ Reimbursement Funds Management

¨ Professional Fees Management

¨ Investment Funds Management

¨ Document Management  

¨ Debt Collection Management

¨ Task Scheduler

¨ Mail Merge with Microsoft Word

¨ Reporting

¨ Security



DCM 4.1 BE Modules

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

 Drive Sales and Boost Revenue

You can now take advantage of the advanced selling benefits of the functionality of CRM module in DCM 4.1 BE. This module centralizes vital customer information in a single, easy-to-access location, facilitating rapid-response customer enquiries and enabling employees to spend less time searching and more time selling.

Sell More to New and Existing Customers

DCM 4.1 BE enables employees across your company to gain valuable insights with various online analysis data, such as client analysis and product analysis etc. So, you always have the crucial information you need to take advantage of new selling opportunities and build greater customer loyalty.

Provide Reliable Customer Service

When employees can’t deliver fast, consistent customer service, the result could be lost sales. With DCM 4.1 BE, your entire staffs can quickly access and share customer service knowledge in a central location, so customers get the same dependable service every time they contact your company.

Build Better Relationships

Use a centralized view of your customer’s preferences, requirements, relationships and activity history to better understand and meet their needs.

Access Customer Information Easily from a Single Place, Anytime, Anywhere

Searching for customer-critical information among disparate sources is time consuming. DCM 4.1 BE puts all your customer data in one place and give employees the information they need to complete their crucial role in the sales chain – around the clock, in the office or not.

Make the Right Decisions Faster

Today it’s not just what you know, but when you know it. DCM 4.1 BE gives you instant insights into your customer relationships with online comprehensive data that shows the sales history, credit availability, payment pattern, and much more for every one of your clients.

Repeated Sales Opportunity

With the sales analysis and sales forecast capability in DCM 4.1 BE, the automated repeated sales alert feature is build to further ensure that you take advantage of every sales opportunity. The automatic repeated sales alert will highlight to you customers’ buying pattern and behaviors that are often missed-out business opportunities.


Inventory and Invoicing

Stock Control Management

You can categorize each stock item into multiple categories or grouping for marketing purposes. Different levels of measurement can also be set for each stock item to prevent under-stock or over-stock scenario. Stock costing in DCM 4.1 BE is specially designed to provide you accurate valuation of your inventory.

Execute Sales Strategies

Execute smarter sales strategies by using the powerful analytic tools in the CRM module, including data mining and business intelligence capabilities. You can then take advantage of the flexible stock item pricing to set different pricing for different specific targeted customers for a specified time period that makes it easy to create various successful sales strategies.

Set Up One Time, Re-Use Many Times

You only need to set up stock items one time and then re-use the same items for future invoices.  This saves time while generating invoices and presents a standard format of the invoices generated from your company.

Multi-Pricing Capability

Maximize your sales strategy through the powerful multi-pricing capability that allows you to set multiple pricing for each stock item based on any specific condition or business requirement. Your sales force can then take advantage of this feature to present a competitive edge against your competitors.

Invoice Number Auto-Generated

Invoice numbers are automatically generated thereby eliminating all possibilities of having duplicate invoice numbers.  If you choose not to use this auto-generated feature, DCM 4.1 BE is flexible to permit such option.  Simply enter your preferred invoice number and the system will not auto-generate the invoice number.

Flexible Setting of Invoice Numbers

Setting of the invoice numbers format is easy and according to user preference. 

User-Friendly Steps

Generating invoices from DCM 4.1 BE is just by selecting the required items.  You virtually do not need to type out the invoices at all.

Batch Posting

Invoices are by batch posting, which enables tracking of invoices by individual batches.

Automatic Update to Ledgers, Journals and Other Modules

All posted invoices will automatically update the related modules in DCM 4.1 BE.  The diagram below shows the relation of the invoicing feature with the General Ledger module and Accounts Receivable module:


Sales Commission

Multi-Level Sales Commission

DCM 4.1 BE allows you to set multiple sales people to handle each customer account with multiple levels of commission rates for each sales person. The percentage of commission sharing amongst the sales person can also be apportioned according to your requirements.

Fulfil Management Requirements

Protect your business profits by having the flexibility of dividing stock items to various groups and setting different rates of sales commission payable or no commission at all.

Automatic Tracking of Sales Commission

DCM 4.1 BE Sales Commission module automatically tracks sales commission due to every sales people. The sales commission payable for each stock item will be automatically tracked from the point of invoicing issued to the point of full payment by your customers.

Multi-Structure Sales Commission

Promote healthy competition within your sales force to boost sales by taking advantage of the flexible feature of setting various kinds of sales commission structure or even combination of sales commission structure.


Accounts Receivable (Clients Account)

Track Outstanding Invoices

Know the outstanding invoices due from each client instantaneously by using the online feature which gives you a detailed listing showing the Invoice number, date and due date of the invoice and the net amount due.  Partial payments for invoices will continue to be tracked by the system until it is fully settled by each client.  The Outstanding Invoices report gives you the option to look at the list of outstanding invoices due related to:

· Specific clients

· Specific group of clients

· Specific type of clients

· Specific category of clients


Drill-Down Detailed Settled and Outstanding Invoice Items

If you wish to drill-down further to check on what are the invoice items that have been settled and what are the invoice items that are still outstanding, you can take advantage of the powerful feature in DCM 4.1 BE that provides the following detail with a mouse-click:

· Invoice Number

· Type - whether is invoice or payment

· Invoice Item ID

· Description of the Invoice Item

· Any discount taken

· Total amount

Account Aging Analysis

Account aging for all clients is online and automatically updated upon posting of invoices.  Use the special feature of Account Aging Analysis Report which enables you to look at all the account aging as at certain cut-off date to forecast ahead your cash-flow position. 

Cash-Flow Control & Management

A specialized credit control feature in DCM 4.1 BE gives you an extra edge when granting credit to your clients, whilst maintaining healthy cash-flow within your business. Collection activities are tracked to ensure effective collection of debts due to your business.

Supports Multi-Currency

DCM 4.1 BE comes with a standard feature of supporting multi-currency for the outstanding invoices related to any client.  Just with a click on the Base Currency checkbox found at the relevant screen, you would be presented with the total amount outstanding converted from foreign currency into your standard base currency.

Automatic Update to All Ledgers, Journals and Other Modules

Payments received for outstanding invoices will automatically update the General Ledger module with the related journal entries.  Also the related bank accounts will be updated automatically.


Accounts Payable (Payees Account)

Track Outstanding Debt Due

Maintaining cash flow requires that you have access to online data on outstanding debts due to your creditor or supplier. DCM 4.1 BE gives you an online view of the total outstanding due. The special drill-down feature on each invoice and online aging report further give you the data you need to plan out your spending.


Automatic Update to All Ledgers, Journals and Other Modules

All payments made for outstanding invoices will automatically update the General Ledger module with the related journal entries.  Also the related bank accounts will be updated automatically.

Management Reporting

DCM 4.1 BE Expense Category Report helps you identify the amount of expenses you incurred the most for your office expenses.  In this report, each expense item you paid for can be categorized into its respective category.  That way, you are able to evaluate and budget your expenses more accurately.  When generating this report, you can choose to look at the expenses incurred for a specified period of date.

Flexible Payments Function

Partial payments of invoices due to supplier or creditor are allowed in DCM 4.1 BE and will continue to be tracked until full payment is made.



Multiple Banks and Bank Accounts

The banking module supports setting up of multiple banks and multiple bank accounts within one same bank without any limitations.  The balances for each bank account are individually tracked and updated automatically whenever there are any transactions generated from other module.  Once the bank and bank accounts are set up here, you will be able to select the bank account from the other modules.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation feature in DCM 4.1 BE helps you to reconcile the difference between the amount in the bank statement and book balance in an easy and efficient manner.   All transactions in the bank register screen in DCM 4.1 BE are usually automatic posting from other modules and they are recorded in detail here.  Each check issued or deposits received are recorded individually in the bank register screen.

Petty Cash

Petty Cash is also set up in this banking module so as to track each transaction and obtain the up-to-date balance.

Manual Entries and Inter-Account Transfers

Even though usually the entries in the banking transactions screen are automatic posting from other modules, you can also directly make payments or record receipts into the banking transactions screen.  You can also make any adjustments to the balances, for example: bank charges or interest.  If you wish to transfer funds from one account to the other, you can do so with the inter-account transfers feature.

Automatic Update to All Ledgers and Journals

All transactions updated in the banking module will automatically update the related ledgers and journals.  Similarly, any deletion of transaction from the banking module will also reverse the related ledgers and journals.


Financial Statement and General Ledger

Detailed Journal Entries

If you wish to know the detailed journal entries related to any particular transaction, in the General Ledger screen, all related journal entries are shown at the bottom of the screen.

Quick Access

DCM 4.1 BE Financial Statements and General Ledger provide you quick access to up-to-date critical financial information related to your company.

Review Financial Statements at Any Time

DCM 4.1 BE comes complete with full financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.  For instance, the Income Statement provides detailed income and expenses with automatic calculation of either gross and net profit or loss.  The Balance Sheet highlights your company’s assets, liabilities and equity position at any point of time.  You can review these financial statements at any time. 

With the feature that supports open financial/accounting periods maintained for an unlimited number of years, you could work month-to-month or year-to-year without having to close prior financial/accounting periods. 

Chart of Accounts Template

Once you have set up the chart of accounts for your company, you could save it as a template by using the Chart of Accounts Template feature in DCM 4.1 BE.  This will help speed up your setting up of the chart of accounts for another company or branch.

Automatic Journal Posting from Other Modules

All journal entries are automatically posted from other modules thereby eliminating the possibility imbalance journal entries.  If a transaction is deleted in other modules, then the related journals will also be automatically reversed.

Manual Journal Adjustments

DCM 4.1 BE comes with manual journal adjustments to permit you to pass any journal adjustments, in addition to the automatic posting of journal entries into the General Ledger.

Flexible and Easy Setting of Chart of Accounts

Setting up chart of accounts is easy and flexible.  DCM 4.1 BE Chart of Accounts is divided into 8 categories and is simple to set up. With the flexibilities in the Chart of Accounts setting, you could departmentalize your general ledger accounts under the revenue category by either types of clients or types of products so that you can analyze the productivity of different profit centers of your company.  You could also do the same for the general ledger account under the expenses category to derive the net profit for each department.


Official Receipt, Payment Voucher

Standard Format

To present a corporate image to your clients, you can generate standard official receipts from DCM 4.1 BE to your clients. Printing of payment vouchers can also be automatically generated from the system.

Check Writing

Simple to Use

This Check Writing feature can be activated when preparing for payment in the Prepare Payment screen.  It is a simple one-step process to print checks.

Automated Check Numbering

The Check Writing feature in DCM 4.1 BE permits printing of checks with automatic filling in of check numbers.  You only need to fill in the first check number and DCM 4.1 BE will continue with the next number for the next check and so on.  You can also choose to change the next check number at any time.

Standard Format

Standard format for check writing together with remittance details is set up in DCM 4.1 BE.  There is no need for any further setting.

Multi-Currency Enabled

You can choose to print checks in your base currency or foreign currency.  For all foreign currency formats, DCM 4.1 BE will follow the formats that have been set up in the system.


Task Scheduler

Calendar View

Look at an overview of your schedules by looking at the Calendar View.  You can take a glance of 3 calendar months at a time.  All dates with schedules set will be bold and highlighted.

Task Scheduler Features

The features are:

· Create appointments, reminders and to do’s for yourself

· Keep track of critical dates

· Set priority to the dates as a checkpoint for yourself

· Set status of the matter

· Record all related important notes

· Convert all completed tasks from Active Tasks tab to Completed Tasks tab


Easy to Use

Setting reminders for any selected date can be done in one simple step.  User-friendly calendar format is given for you to select the date and then fill in all-important information related that date.

Automatic Reminders

DCM 4.1 BE will automatically remind you of the schedules that you have set for any date when you start using the software.


Investment Management Module

Simple to Use & Flexible

Use the Investment Management module to have one place to manage all your various types of investments and track key information about maturity dates, income earned and fluctuation of income rates. The flexibility of transferring income earned from investments into various bank accounts is an added advantage for you.


Professional Fee Management

Automatic Tracking

Once a client settles an invoice, the amount of professional fees will be automatically tracked centrally in the Professional Fees Management module, giving you a breakdown of the total fees available to you.  You can choose to transfer the fees to another bank account by using the transfer feature.

Management Reporting

If you wish to know the amount of fees collected by each staff, then the Professional Fees Report will provide you with the data you want.  Details of this report are:

· Grouping of fees collected are by each staff

· Client Invoice number and Name

· Check detail

· Amount of Fees collected

· Amount of Fees that have been previously collected and transferred out

· Total amount of fees collected for all staffs and available for transfer


Link with Other Module

Whenever you receive payment of an invoice with professional fees item, the diagram below shows how an entry is tracked in this Professional Fees Management module:

Simple Fees Transfer

With this module, fees transfer can be easily done from one bank account to another bank account.  Partial transfer can also be done here and the remaining fees will continue to be tracked until the entire fees are transferred out.  The diagram below shows that the related modules would be automatically updated with just one simple transfer done in the Professional Fees Transaction screen.


Microsoft Word Integration and Mail Merge

Standard Mail Merge

Standard reminder letters can be set into DCM 4.1 BE.  The Mail Merge function capability will enable you to generate reminder letters with merged account aging data and client information from the system.


User Activity Log

Activity Log

The User Activity Log further helps you to track on the activity that permitted users have done while accessing DCM 4.1 BE.


Advance Disbursements and Reimbursement Due Tracking

Advance Disbursements Tracking

Advance Disbursements are expenses that you have incurred on behalf of clients first and then later is included in the invoice to claim back from your clients. Tracking of such advance disbursements is done automatically in DCM 4.1 BE with a simple activation of this feature.

Link to Invoicing

The powerful feature of enabling you to automatically include the advance disbursements as an invoice item will help you to claim back such amount from your clients with ease.

Reimbursements Tracking for Advance Disbursements

Ensure that you reimburse your company the advance disbursements paid on behalf of client by using the reimbursement tracking feature that is automatically activated when client settles your invoices.


Document Management

Simple and Easy

DCM 4.1 BE Document Management module comes with simple and easy ways to help you organize various types of precedents or documents stored in one central database.  Searching for the document based on flexible searching options will help locate the right document quickly and efficiently.

Search Filtering

Advanced search filtering will help you locate the document easily.  You can choose to search for any document based on either the subject or any key words found in the document name or file name.

Document Related to Specific Client or Payee

If you wish to be able to track a document related to specific client or payee, you can keep a link of the document specified here to the related client or payee.  From the Document Management screen, after you have created a link to the document, you only need to select the Client ID or Payee ID from the drop-down list and DCM 4.1 BE will automatically create the link to the related account for you.

Simple Method to Organize Document

To organize the document here, you will need to assign the document to its related subject and then create a link to the path where the file is saved in.  Various types of files can be linked to this module and organized in the same manner.


Security Feature

Dual Level Security Feature

Security is an important feature to ensure accuracy and data integrity.  This is especially crucial in a network environment, where users can be divided and set up to different groups with different access rights.  The Security Feature in DCM 4.1 BE is divided into 2 levels:

1st Level: Database Access

DCM 4.1 BE comes with multi-database feature. 

This 1st level security enables small business owners to set up different group of users with different access rights to the database set up.


2nd Level: Menu Access

Even if users are allowed access to the database, menu access rights can still be controlled at users group level.


System Requirements and Network Capabilities

DCM 4.1 BE supports single user and multi-user in a local area network. These are the system requirements for both workstation and server to use DCM 4.1 BE in a local area network.


  Requirement Recommended
Hardware - Workstation
Processor Intel Celeron D or Pentium IV 1GHz Intel Pentium D/Core 2 Duo 2GHz or better
Memory 512MB RAM 1GB RAM or more
Hard Disk 10GB or more 10GB or more
Hardware - Dedicated Server
Processor Pentium IV 1GHz Intel Xeon 1.8GHz or better
Memory 512MB RAM 1GB RAM
Hard Disk 10GB or more 20GB or more
Software - Workstation
Application Microsoft Access Version - 2003 Full version or run-time (Office 2003 Professional). Access 2007 Edition coming soon.
Applicable Operating System Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate
Software - Dedicated Server
Applicable Operating System Windows 2000 Server SP4, Windows Server 2003 SP2 or R2 SP2


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